Measure Tutorial

This tutorial gives you a taste of what you can do in Measure.

Here's a short excursion you can try with just the mouse:

  1. In the Contents window, double-click "things".
  2. In the "things" window, double-click "event".
  3. In the "events" window, double-click "war".
  4. From the View menu, choose Add Column -> "duration".
  5. Click on the "duration" column header to sort by duration.
  6. Double-click on the death toll of WWII. The value is added to your Stack window.
  7. Then double-click on the death toll of WWI. The value is added to your Stack window.
  8. Choose "Measure Stack" from the Window menu to bring it to the front (or click on any exposed part to bring it forward).
  9. Click the "-" button (or choose Subtract from the Math menu) to subtract the two values. The result shows how many more people died in World War II than in World War I.
  10. Back in the "wars" window, double-click on "World War I" to open a window showing all the information Measure has about that war.

Try typing the following into the Stack window, pressing Return after each one, and watch what happens.

If you get an error message, you can press the Up arrow and edit your entry.

2+3No big surprise here.
2 ft + 1 inThe result has the units of the last-added value
as yards
in yards
...but you can convert it to any compatible units
Click the "Convert" button...or see the result in many different units at once.
=feet"=" means the same as "as" or "in," but it's easier to type.
2 yards + 1 foot in inchesCalculate and convert in one step.

3 feet
You can enter values first
*...and then operate on them.
* $5/footYou can also operate on them "in place."

2 foot 1Displays as a cascade because you typed it that way. Click Cascade to display as decimal feet instead.
2 1/2 ftDisplays as a fraction because you typed it that way; click Fraction to display it as a decimal instead.
3/4This is a fraction.
3 / 4The extra spaces make this a division operation, rather than a fraction.
3/4 footThree-quarters of a foot.
3 / 4 footThree divided by (four feet), or 0.75 per foot.
(3 / 4) footThree-quarters of a foot, again.

33 (exactly).
3.3 plus-or-minus one-half.
3.53.5 plus-or-minus 0.05., exactly. (Choose View > Show All Uncertainties to see the difference.)

now - date 4-Jul-1967Your age if you were born on July 4, 1967. Use "@" in place of the word "date", if you wish.
Click the "Convert" buttonYour age expressed in various units.

500. gallons per week * 2 daysThere is no need to worry about the number of days in a week, since Measure takes care of that for you.

heightsLists the name and height of every item in the database whose height is known.
heights of buildingsLists the name any height of every building in the database whose height is known.
density < waterLists all items in the database whose densities are less than the density of water.
density > 2.0 g/ccLists all items in the database whose densities are greater than the given value.
in = NevadaLists all the items in the database whose "in" ("in location") attribute is Nevada.
orbits = sunLists all the items in the database that orbit the sun.

6 2/3 cubic inches per second per hourYou can combine units to make more complex units
=gal/sec^2...and convert to other compatible units.

?planet"?" means to open the specified item (rather than a list of such items).

See also Examples, Reference, and Help.

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