November 3, 2009.


Measure is a unit-savvy calculator combined with a 3,400-item database of real-world numbers.

You can use it to convert meters to feet-and-inches, figure out what you would weigh on Mars, multiply kilowatts by years, compare population densities and boiling points, and find the square root of an acre. The possibilities are endless.

Screenshots and documentation are available at <>. Measure requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later.

How much would you weigh on Mars? What country has the highest population density? How big is a 5-acre circle? Measure makes it easy to find the answers. You can do calculations using your own data, or using data from the database, or any combination. Once you have a result, you can get some perspective on the answer by comparing it against similar values in the database.

Measure automatically tracks units of measurement for you, and you can construct complex units of measurement from the ones provided:

2 days plus 1 hour is 49 hours
5 volts times 2 amps is 10 watts
9.8 meters/second^2 times 1 minute is 588 meters/second
1 foot plus 1 second does not compute

The database contains over 3,400 items, including:


Read more in Help > Show Release Notes.

Download Measure 1.1 now <> and try it out. If you decide Measure is for you, a single-user license is $25, and site licensing is also available.